OPPO UDP-205 and IFI ZEN STREAM settings


I’m using an Intel NUC with a disc with my own ripped cd’s and I’m using Qobuz as well. The NUC is network cable connected and so is my Oppo 205. The Oppo is connected by a coaxial digital cable to my McIntosh MCD 1100 cd-players digital input, for using the outstanding DAC.

First question:
The setting as Decoder, Renderer or both, does that only have to do with Tidals so called MQA-files? What about bought and downloaded music?

Second question:
I need an advice on setting up my Oppo 205 for the best soundquality. I’m not playing a lot of MQA-albums, more HiRes from Qobuz and a few DSD-albums. Shall I set up my Oppo as a decoder, a renderer, both or no MQA support? - and what about the MQA core decoder? Also I have disabled the sample rate conversion in the DSP settings, is that corect?

Second question:
I’m considering the ifi Zen Stream, using it instead of the Oppo for music listening (when I’m not listening to my vinyl- or cd-collection). Have been waiting for a streamer like this and I’m sure it will fit perfectly into my setup, but what do you think about that? And how about the settings for the Zen Stream? Again, it’s all about the soundquality, so shall I set it up as decoder, renderer…?

I know there has been other threads, but they are rather old, so hope someoe can help me.

If you don’t intend to play any mqa files leave all Roon mqa settings off.
So no mqa support.
They have no relevance to anything except actual mqa file playback

Thanks Hammer :smiley:

What I needed to be specified…that it have no relevance for anything else but MQA-files :+1:

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