Opportunity to obtain a Modem and Router, but Which One(s)?

We will be moving in a about 3-months into a new house. I spent 100’s of hours researching Mains and Low Voltage wiring types and methods. Single and multiple runs of CAT 6 & 7 were dropped to all rooms and areas a broadband connection was needed. A 60’ Supra pre-terminated CAT 8 cable was run to the 2-channel room.

While the cable service has been problem free, AT&T Uverse and their Modem/Router combo has been a PITA for streaming audio. With an employee in the house, thankfully AT&T Uverse is UNavailable at our new address. So, we will probably use Comcast/Xfinity. I would prefer to acquire a modem and router rather than “rent” whatever Comcast provides.

In addition to the Arris modem brand, Netgear is the other brand Comcast specifies. My uneducated preference, would be one of these 2 Comcast recommended Netgear Models: CM500V and C7100V. The latter provides both voice and Wifi capability and twice the download speed and 8 more channels (24 vs 16). Other than the price difference of $120 vs $260, is there any reason to choose one over the other from a music streaming perspective?

I work remotely and require very reliable internet. I stream a lot of music :slight_smile: I also have Xfinity.

Here is the equipment I use:

Modem: https://www.amazon.com/ARRIS-SURFboard-SB6183-Docsis-Packaging/dp/B00MA5U1FW
Router: https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-EdgeRouter-Advanced-Gigabit-Ethernet/dp/B00YFJT29C
Wireless: https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Unifi-Ap-AC-Lite-UAPACLITEUS/dp/B015PR20GY

IMO this is close to enterprise class equipment at consumer prices. Under $200. Setup is a little more manual than you may be used to, but the Ubiquiti forums are pretty great for help if you get stuck.

I never think about my internet with this setup. It just works. So that’s one option for you.

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Also, if you have many wire drops the Ubquiti Unifi switches are great too.

You could also look at the Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway instead of the edge router - I have this deployed in a number of location (but not in the USA) but the unifi forums and youtube channels for Unifi are pretty good… This guy is pretty good

I would suggest you look at the Cloud Key too…just makes life easier.

Definitely. I’m with ya. USG + Controller gets you the pretty Unifi interface you can geek out on. Nice for updates in one place too. Perf isn’t all that different on the USG, but it definitely feels a little more elegant.

Thanks Jarred and Mr. Fix It. Just the sort of personal, first-hand and specific information that I was seeking. I know little about Modems and Routers, but am quite willing to read and learn. But Ubiquiti is certainly a name whose quality that I’m familiar…thanks for the direction to them and your other suggestions!!

Hopefully, with the new house, I can put what appear to be a LAN problem (with Roon) behind me. After just building a SOTA HTPC, I know my stuttering and problems playing HD and DSD files aren’t related to my Roon Core’s horse power. So, it’s either with my microRendu or the LAN and all bets are with the LAN’s hardware.

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