Optical out from PC to DAC not found [Resolved]

Hi. I’ve been using Roon for quite a while with no problems. To my desktop DAC/headphone setup and to my Bluesound Node. But today I’m having trouble connecting to my desktop DAC (Schiit Modi MB). It’s been a while since I last listened via Roon so I had to log-in when starting up. I listen from my PC via optical to the DAC. I haven’t had problems before but now the Optical out is nowhere to be seen under zones - I only see the BS Node, JRiver and desktop speakers (system output). The optical cable is securely fitted at both ends and I’ve tried powering the DAC on/off and restarting Roon.

So where did my optical zone go?


OK so I can get sound to the DAC if I set the audio out to optical via the windows control panel but the zone in Roon is still system output and I can still lower the volume via the windows slider even though it’s set to fixed in Roon. So this is not true direct via WASAPI. Also Roon ought to just recognize the optical and take over no matter what the windows setting is (that’s what it used to do). So DAC works fine.

OK I fixed it - it was an oversight on my behalf. Roon had just forgotten the optical out I had named back when I just started with Roon. And I had forgotten that I had named it myself instead of Roon detecting it as optical automatically. I just needed to pick the right HD audio out (of 3 similarly named) to get it working. I had tried one earlier but not the right one - my bad. :slight_smile: