Optical Rendu "too many failures"

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What’s happening?

I'm having trouble playing music

What best describes your playback issue?

Roon skips through tracks rapidly

Sometimes, I try to play music, using Roon and the music won't play. Instead Roon quickly tries to play each track on the album or playlist, then I get an error message about "too many failures". Often I have to go into the opticarendu's settings/Dac Diagnostics and set the dac to Max level.

Sometimes that fixes it. Other times I have to reboot everything, Roon, Renu, Transporter and Dac before I can get it to work again.

This has happened with different dac's, connected by USB.

Hello @Todd_Reitz,

Thanks for writing in - I’ve moved your new post back into your older thread highlighting the same issue, for better tracking.

Per our last conversation, you mentioned a full macOS reinstall seemed to have fixed your DAC issues. Are you still seeing the issues specifically when connected via USB on your mac?

Does the issue happen outside of using a USB connection?

This is different than last time. Should be in a new thread.

I only have ausb output on the optical rendu.

Hi @Todd_Reitz,

Per your request I’ve moved your new issue into its own thread.

Does this issue ever occur on any other devices, like your Mac?

Please take note of the date, time, and track playing the next time you run into this issue.

If I’m using my headphone system which is connected to the Mac, I never see this issue,

Thanks @Todd_Reitz,

Also, does this issue happen when you use the Optical Rendu with other music software/streaming platforms?

I don’t use it with other programs so I can’t say.

Hi @Todd_Reitz,

Are you able to try out using another means to stream music temporarily? It would be good to know if the issue is originating from the Optical Rendu.

With that, if you could please share a timestamp:

That would be extremely helpful. Thanks :+1:

I’ll try to do that shortly

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