OpticalRendu USB DAC disconnecting


I wonder if anyone else has any insight on this occasion in disconnection issue.

I have a Brooklyn DAC connected to the OpticalRendu and use it as a Roon end point.

When I turn on the OpticalRendu the Brooklyn DAC will show up properly in SonicOrbiter, but sometimes after a few tracks the Brooklyn will suddenly disappear and I will have to restart the OpticalRendu, Sometimes twice, to get it connected again properly. Sometimes the Brooklyn indicates that it doesn’t have a lock.

Also sometimes I think that I can predict when the Brooklyn is going to Disconnect Because the audio sounds a little bright. But after a restart of the OpticalRendu, If the Brooklyn reconnect properly everything sounds amazing again.

Very strange

Does anybody know the correct/best sonicorbiter settings for a Brooklyn DAC?
USB volume?

I suggest you start a new topic.