Optimal Process for Moving Files to New External Hard Drive

My music library (the music files, not Roon or Roon Server itself) is stored on an external hard drive (with multiple automated backups). I am starting to run low on HDD space and plan to move the music files to a new, larger HDD. What is the optimal process for doing this while retaining edits I’ve made to these files? Thanks.

  • Delete the watched folder in Roon
  • Move the files to the new location.
  • Create a new watched folder in Roon pointing it at the new location.

I am assuming that you have the external hard drive hooked up to a PC or Mac.

Backup the entire external hard and then restore it to the new external hard drive or Copy the entire external hard drive file structure to the new external hard drive. In other words the Exact Same File Structure will be on both.

Once this is complete disconnect the old and also the new external hard drive.

Connect the new external hard drive and make sure that it has the same Drive Letter assigned as the old external drive.

Since it is the same drive letter and file structure, then Roon should see everything as before. Roon is not looking at how much drive space is available, it is looking at location, structure and content.

This should also retain all of your library tweaks.

Your automated backups should also be intact.

More details here @kschacter:

FAQ: How do I move my collection to a new folder, hard drive or NAS, Will I lose my edits?

Thanks but I’m on a Mac so the drive letter technique won’t work and I don’t think I want to name the new one with the old one’s name as that could be confusing. I will follow the instructions Mike sent and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks all.