Optimal setup questions

I have Roon on the mac mini in my office. I use this computer for work most of the day. I stream Tidal for 100% of my music.

Room 1 - Office - Mac mini (running Roon Core and Control) > USB > Violectric v850 DAC > Violectric v280 AMP > Focal Elex Headphones

  1. Do I need to set my mac mini power settings to never sleep so I can always access the Core?

  2. Is USB from the Mac Mini the best way to feed the DAC in my office? Should I consider putting a USB decrapifier (W4S Recovery, iFi Galvanic, etc?) in between? Or would another device be even better?

Room 2 - Media Room - Mac Mini > Router > CAT5e > Linn Majik DS > Linn Kisto > Linn 5125 > Linn Ninkas

At first the Majik showed up as Airplay but I was able to get this setup as Networked once I updated the Linn firmware. I use the Roon app on my iphone or ipad to control. I think I have this setup well.

  1. Would putting Roon on something other than my Mac Mini substantially improve the sound in this room?

Room 3 - Bedroom - Mac Mini > Router > CAT5e> Sonos Play1

No issues here. Seems to work well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

I wouldn’t bother with usb decrappifiers. Just look to use a dedicated USB endpoint into your dac such as Allo USBridge SoTM SMs200 or microrendu as they won’t have the added noise made by the computer and its recommended to isolates the core from the audio part if possible and just use network to the endpoint.

How many Roon Cores are you running and where is your music (local) stored if you ever get local content?

Im assuming this is a home office? In which case your roon core should be set to never sleep ideally.

What are the specs of your Mac core machine in each place if its not all on the one mac?

I am only running 1 Roon Core.

I have no local music stored. I stream 100% of my music from Tidal.

This is a home office. Is there a place that has optimal mac mini power settings for core?

Mac Mini specs - 2.6GHZ Intel i5, 16gb

Thanks for your help.

Given these inputs is USB my best option?

Looks if I go USB then the Allo USBridge would be a good option for me.

I just run Cat5 to it from my router and then USB from it to my DAC?

What is the difference between the OS options?

Is this item plug and play? If not, what would I need to do after I plug it in?

I can control everything from my Mac Mini on the same desk?

Is there an endpoint solution similar to the USBridge with a balanced output? Would using that into the DAC be an upgrade over using USB?

The balanced input is likely to be aes spec interface.

Your initial description threw me a bit as it appeared you might have had 3 Mac mini’s so sorry about that.

I use the usbridge for my setup and seems to perform well. I also use many rpi setups with ropieee too. No complaints for either option.