Optimal setup, ROCK>Router>HQ Player>DAC

Hey all
Just bought a MAC MINI M1
Have the ALLO Signature USB endpoint…
Could the MAC running HQ Player connect to DAC without any degrading the sound, without the ALLO and is any special setup required? :grinning:

Which DAC? Some DACs do a better job than others after filtering inputs.

Try it and report if you hear any degradation ! :grinning:

Ahh, of course
DAC is Gustard X16
Have aprox 1000 tracks in DSD…i’ve bought online. And…Looking to do some upscaling in HQPlayer to 128 or 256 from Tidal and Qobuz
Have to mention all devices is hardwired with Cat6a cables. Before i’ve upscaled in ROON DSP section, but…my ears and fealings want some more of the good wibes

Did you have a Raspberry Pi 4 around that you could test?

Test direct USB connection to Mac Mini vs HQP NAA (RPi4 endpoint).

If you don’t hear any difference then nothing to worry about.

Thanks for ur answer. And no, doesn’t have RP4 for some testing.
Bin thinking…is it posible to do this: ROCK>Router>MAC MINI(HQ PLAYER)>DAC…Is the noise from MAC MINI more silent versus Pc device?..so i can use the ALLO in another setup

Yes indeed. In Roon settings go to setup, then when adding HQPlayer zone in Roon you add the IP address of the Mac Mini which runs HQPlayer.

Why not test it yourself?

Allo USBbridge NAA vs direction USB connection to Mac Mini?

This will tell you the answer yourself. If both sound identical , you can move USBridge to different setup.

Are you using balanced XLR out of your Gustard or RCA unbalanced?

Yep, sure… Thnks for ur answer
Be back after some testing

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