Optimized Hardware architecture for Roon

First of all I must say that I my knowlege is still only based upon readings forums and various reports.

I am considering switching from Jriver to Roon.

My actual equipment is based on:

  • Wired Ethernet in each room
  • Synology Nas - RAid 1 - hosting all my files (about 30 K Music files, Flac ) and the J river Library
  • Living Room = Fanless PC (Atom) Windows Seven + Usb DAC (Teac) + Hifi Standard Amplify connected to my 55" - 4K TV for User Interface
  • Kitchen = Fanless PC Windows 7 + Asus Essence Audio Card + Hifi Standard Amplify + Origenae 11" Touch Screen for User Interface
    I also use a Bluetooth speaker with Iphone or android phone as controller, this device is mostly used outside.

I Plan to switch for Windows server 2012 on my fanless PC

What should I change in my configuration to get the best of Roon solution ?

My understanding of Roon is that I need a PC with enough CPU Power for Hosting Roon Server. (Because I can’t host it on my Synology and my Fanless PC Atom / living room is underpowered)
I could also need to empower my living room PC because of the use of the tv as a monitor
I could or must also buy an Ipad , (or a NExus or a Surface Tablett) for controlling Roon remotly

Thanks for your advices