Optimizing DSD with ROON

New to the DirectStream (and fairly new to ROON).

Anyone have recommendations for optimizing DSD with ROON? Mostly stream Tidal and occasionally play hi-res ripped music.

System will be ROCK on NUC > (Ethernet, bridge II) DSD > Amphion Amp100 > Amphion Argon 3s

Possibly I’m over-thinking it and it’s pretty much going to be just plug n play.


Hi Jon

Yes indeed, with the Bridge II everything will/should indeed be plug and play.

First just check you have the latest DS firmware, Bridge II firmware (it’s separate) and Roon Core and Remote updates.

My next advice is to follow a Roon recommendation, if it’s practical to do so - have your Roon Core outside your listening room, away from your DS DAC. I’ll dig out the links to Roon’s recommendations and post later.

This isn’t really advice but just subjective experience but I preferred to turn Roon DSP off and let the DS do everything but there are people using DSP with their DS and are very happy. There’s no right or wrong. The Bridge 2 accepts up to 192k and the USB input accepts up to 384k.

I personally preferred the SQ of a microrendu + linear PSU feeding the DS’s USB input over the Bridge II but I’m only one data point - there are hundreds that prefer the Bridge II. Plus it’s less clutter with just one ethernet cable behind the DAC.

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Ok, cool, thanks!

I debated USB vs Ethernet, but in the end it seemed a toss up in terms of people’s preference and Ethernet is (in a way, other than needing an expensive add-on card to the DSD) a little simpler. Probably I’ll try it both ways and see what I like.

Right now I’m not using any DSP in ROON so I’ll at least start out that way with the DSD. Not even sure I’d really know what to do anyhow!

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Yup the convenience of less clutter behind the DAC (just an ethernet cable) is huge.

Enjoy the DS and the music !