Option: Run backup at Roon closing

The backup function is awesome but for me the scheduled backup cause is a problem cause I don’t want to leave the pc where the core is switched on at night (the ideal time for a scheduled backup) and manual backup…I forget it…
So what about make an option to run backup whenever you close Roon?
With the incremental backup it shouldn’t take long and you will have the database backed up everytime you use Roon

You would have to close Roon, wait for the backup, and then shut down the computer, no?

Why do you not want to leave the computer on? Power consumption? Some computers use more power than others, I measured mine (NUC with SSD) and it was very low, like a night light. So I leave it on.

My suggestion would be that you choose a day of the week that you leave the core on to run backup and you just run backup on that night. If you are doing a lot of manual editing then you should do a manual backup after you’ve done the editing as part of the editing process. I tend to set up my backup for 3 am on Sat. morning, as I leave everything on all weekend.

You could setup the task scheduler on your PC to shut the PC down at a time of your choosing or after a predetermined time i.e. After, say, an hour.

Alternatively, Remote Desktop access from a mobile or tablet would allow you to shut the PC down manually.

A quick google will tell you all you need to know.


Very good idea!
I already know how do that but i didn’t think about it!

Thank you to everybody