Option to Automatically Disable Convolution for Native DSD Playback

The majority of my collection is Redbook CD quality music and I use convolution. My DSD collection is starting to grow, and would like a feature to automatically disable convolution for native DSD playback since this can not be performed in Roon. This feature would also be useful when using the Radio function to prevent any attempt to play native DSD files.

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A DSD passthrough mode would be appreciated. Bypass all DSPing.

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Except for SRC, right?

No. DSD bypass everything.

Example: Headroom management on and pcm to DSD upconverting. DSD passed straight through without headroom management. Similar to what HQPlayer has.

Not all DAC’s do +6db boost, so sending DSD direct and -6db headroom for PCM to DSD matches up nice.

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Not at all helpful to me — I don’t ever not want to upsample DSD64 — but as long as it’s an option, I guess it’s fine.

You know I don’t think DSD upsampled sounds much better. Do you?

Or maybe it’s not as dramatic as PCM->DSD.

Yes I do, but it’s been a while since I did any comparisons — I’ll give it a try soon. Right now I’m listening to live recordings from the late 40s/early 50s, so probably not good for evaluating this.

Or a feature to simply bypass the convolution with native DSD. Because some folks like to upsample DSD to higher rates, but when convolution is enabled, the CPU load makes it impossible even with an I7 7700 CPU. So if you’re random playing tunes with convolution enabled, when a DSD track pops up, it grinds to a halt.

Better yet tune the algorithms so convolution can be handled with native DSD tracks using CPU’s designed for the consumer market. With the same I7 7700 server using HQP, convolution with native DSD can be easily handled with DSD 256. With Roon, major CPU overload. Yet Roon is much lighter on CPU load when convolution is disabled. So maybe some tweaking in this department could make it possible with CPU’s designed for the consumer marketplace.

Do you have a pure DSD DAC designed for DSD 256 only? The end result will be DAC dependant.