Option to chose between playlist and album playback

I’d very much like to see an option to select between Playlist based playback (as it is right now) and an Album based playback.
I play 99% albums, but not always from the first song… And today that causes a lot of clicking… :confused:

What im saying:
Select Album playback in settings
When in your library you click play on the third song of an album it immediately starts playing the rest of this album! If Repeat is selected the particular album is repeated (in full), if not Roon starts Radio based on the album after the last song.

Pretty, please? :wink:

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After hitting play for the third track you can add the whole album to the Queue from Play Album (twice if you want to). You can also select the third track (right click or long press) and use Play From Here to add the remainder of the album to the Queue.

I’d be reluctant to see play options in settings. I’d prefer to see Play From Here in Pawmasher rather than as an option after Track select.

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Thanks Andrew, the long click info was plenty useful. (“Play from here”)
I dont get the first part though?
I dont see any Play Album when clicking an indvidual track?
(On an iPad controlling the Roon software on a MacMini)

I’d still prefer an option to drop the playlist thinking though! :smiley:

When viewing an album if you play a particular track and return to the album view you can then click Play Album at the top and add it to the Queue.

What makes this model so frustrating is the difference between tap-actions in album view vs. playlist view. IN album view, I have to tap/hold to get the “play from here” option, followed by the annoying Pawmasher, as opposed to the playlist view where tapping brings up the menu, directly.

I am with the OP: +1 on eliminating all of the extra taps to open an album and play from the 3rd song.


Adding everything from a playlist to the queue by default still drives me nuts…please change de fault action to add single track with long-click to play from here.

In my mind there is only one difference between an album and a playlist – who composed it. The artist/band or me/someone else.

The play button has two different functions depending on whether you click on a song in an album or a playlist:

  • playlist: play this song, keep playing till the list ends
  • album: play this song then stop

The first case is expected and desirable. The second is not.
In fact it breaks the established user pattern used in all other music players (including CD players etc).

I propose a new setting: Make Play from here default.

Having a option for a static (non-destructive and non-reordering) queue would also achieve this goal. You could send an album to the queue and Roon would behave just as you requested.

In Album view, once you select a track (by a sustained press on a control tablet), you then have the option to “Play” or Play From Here". The first plays just the one selected track and the second plays all the album tracks after and including the selection.

I completely disagree, if I have understood correctly. If you interact with a track the result of a particular interaction should be the same regardless of whether that track resides in tidal, playlist, search results etc.

However, clicking the title of the playlist in the playlist view, or perhaps even more sensibly, a button that says ‘play all’ should reply in the whole thing being played. This could work for albums too, obviously.

In my mind, the current situation, with ‘play from here’ being the default action is wrong. Why? Because I think that this is a minor use case, ‘edge case’, compared to ‘play all’.

The stats will prove the point either way but the analysis will have to take account of the skew introduced by replacing the most obvious result of an interaction with a more quirky choice.

Good point but people have to know this and the default action should be the most obvious, or contextually-likely in the mind of most users

Hi Crom, I believe this is the current behaviour in both Album and Playlist views. You need not select any tracks, just tap Play and you are transferred to the PawMasher screen where you then select the queue action of your choice.

Heh, good point…I had completely missed that button!! Apologies. However, my point regarding track behaviour still stands: From playlist the default (track-level) ‘add to queue’ adds the whole playlist from the track that you’ve selected. From album view only the individual track is added. makes no sense.

I agree with you and there is a forum topic on just this issue. Roon staff explained that this is designed behaviour and I have now got used to it. However different behaviours on the Album and Playlist views makes it very difficult for a user trying to come to grips with the Roon UI. The lack of a comprehensive user manual adds to the mystery.. See the previous forum topic