Option to convert downloaded files [on Roadmap]

Roon core optionally transcodes the files while streaming to save data from your bundle. So it is already possible to do it in real time. I would expect it to be a small feature. I currently store 256kb/s AAC from iTunes on my iPhone. I’d like to replace this scenario with something similar using ARC. It’s for use with Bluetooth headphones or for playing music in the car. No lossless audio required. I’d enjoy quicker downloads and above all, more music files on my phone.

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Agreed Jan. The fact that Roon Core demonstrably already has the necessary compression codecs because it can decompress streamed data makes it all the more frustrating that the same compression options can’t also be made available for files being downloaded to Roon ARC.


Yeah, this would be a great feature. Streaming from a laptop remotely seems to be a PITA from my experience

Bump…it’s frankly baffling that this hasn’t been implemented or at least confirmed to be on its way. The transcoding functionality already exists for streaming. Simply do the same exact thing for downloads. There are myriad very legit reasons for wanting this, as has already been discussed. Download times, limited phone storage space, limited mobile data, battery life, etc. etc. ARC does me little good without this. And they’re also raising the price significantly. I’m getting antsy. Renewal is becoming less of a certainty.


Hi all, as you know we had to make some hard calls to get ARC out the door and this was unfortunately something that had to get postponed. We agree, these are all valid use cases we’d like to support.

To clearly confirm—this is on the roadmap. We are kicking off the work soon and aim to have it in ARC in Q1.