Option to exclude classical composers

No I don’t want to get rid of them - not for good anyway. But on the Composition page one of the options is to display ONLY compositions by classical composers (using a toggle in the upper right hand corner). I am trying to clean up my jazz composition metadata and would find it very helpful if I could display only the compositions by composers OTHER THAN classical composers. Yes, there is some overlap (Berstein springs immediately to mind) but by and large the two sets are distinct and the process of cleaning metadata for each is somewhat different. And, to be fair, if we can exclude non-classical composers, why can’t we exclude classical composers.

For the time being you could use the Focus feature and select the genres you want see.

This is perhaps one reason to keep music in Genre folders off the root, then its easy to add or remove a genre selectively from the settings > storage > folders list. Does this work? I’m at work so I can’t test it.

How about
Go to compositions. Select classical. Now select all. 3 dots Edit, Add to Tag. Create a new tag and apply.

Now you can focus using that tag, negate it, and voila.
Create a bookmark so you can easily reproduce.