Option to “play artist” and play songs not in my Library

If it could be done I would like to be able to for example play the artist “John Coltrane” but not have it limited to my library (or have that option, I know some won’t want this). I would see this as an extension of the Roon radio discovery feature. I have some John Coltrane but see a myriad of his albums I don’t have that I’d like Roon radio to delve into for me, then I could add any that took my fancy.


@Sloop_John_B do mean to explicitly exclude your local library? There is already an option to include non library.

How does one do that, please enlighten me?


Toggle at top of screen.

I’m not talking about radio which will play songs related to John Coltrane but just play John Coltrane from outside my library or am I missing something?


Missing something I think…start radio with artist as j c and then work from there with access outside your library turned on

Okay, john Coltrane , Roon radio

This plays…

Feeling really stupid but I’m seeing no way to limit the radio to Coltrane.


I might have to stand corrected but I could have sworn I had radio playing only one artists tracks today. :blush: I can’t find how I managed that now.

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In any case, it’s a good idea.

(I imagine you could do this: open Coltrane, go down to the Tidal and Qobuz areas, select all, on the three-dot button select Add To Library. Then shuffle Coltrane for a while.
Then go to albums, sort by Added Date, Select all the recently added Coltrane albums, and delete them.

Then go back and add the ones you fell in love with during the shuffle.


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You obviously weren’t one of those screaming for “one button play” :wink:

For all my time with Roon I didn’t know you could “select all” in the Tidal/Qobuz part of artis bio.
The option to add to a playlist is possibly a better option for me as deleting the playlist will be simpler.

So now I have 13 days of Coletrane…



Yeah, the whole UI could be simplified if we had just one page with a button “Do what I want”. Like a good butler.

But that is v. 2.0.

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found some kind of easy way to do this…
just right click the desired albums (internes/external) in chosen artist then on top will appear a “play now” option with shuffeling!


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Looking back at this thread was quite nostalgic for me. The original Roon GUI that I loved so much.

And check out that waveform! Bring that S#!t back!!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crazy_face::yum::partying_face::star_struck: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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