Option to set a fixed output format in Output Settings (e.g. 176.4 khz 24 bits)

For me, if I play mixed format playlists, each change of format (for example 16bit 44.1 kHz --> 24 bit 96 kHz) means a audioable click and a significant interuption in the play-back. I have solved the same problem in JRiver by setting the output format to 176.4 kHz 24 bits (i.e. everything is resampled to this format) as this seems to give the best result.

The best format is perhaps specific to my DAC as this is the highest supported sample-rate, but could be more general as most tracks are 16 bit 44.1 kHz in origin.

Therefor it would be nice if there was an option to set a fixed output format (sample rate and bit-depth) instead of just “Maximum sample rate” in “Output settings”.

I want this too.

I agree that this would be a nice option to have, but wouldn’t Roon need to be able to upsample tracks on the fly in order to be able to do this? I don’t think this prerequisite currently exists.

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Can anyone else reproduce this?

This is not anything specific to Roon, rather it depends on how bad the DAC is switching between sample rates … Anyone with an older DAC will probably have this problem.

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Agree. I get it sometimes with my Mytek when switching between PCM and DSD, both in Roon and in other playback software (e.g., Audirvana Plus).

The audio settings can include a short delay before playback, which is intended to help avoid artifacts when changing resolutions. Have you tried that ?

In my case, yes. I think it works … but I’ll admit that while I’ve added some time with this setting, I haven’t really checked it, since for me the clicks only happen between a PCM and a DSD track. I’ll try to remember to set up a queue to test for this when I get home this evening.

IAC, very good suggestion.


I did this — set up a queue of alternating PCM and DSD tracks — and with “resume delay” set to 500 ms there’s certainly no clicks between tracks.

Er, “resync delay”. (Damn you, autocorrect.)

Thanks andybob!

Yes, setting 2000 ms resync delay seems to make the transitions go “smooth”, I missed that option, but you still get quite a significant interuption. Another imperfect solution is to simply run Roon through JRiver and let JRiver handle the resampling.

Further I guess if you want cross-fade, gap-less etc you still need the option to set a fixed output-format so I think my request is still valid.

If this is fixed and starts handling Roon web-radio (e.g. non-local .m3u-files) it pretty much handles all I want. :smile: