Option to turn off Roon update

Is it possible to turn update off?
Or an option to say NO to update and the nagging disappears?

Hi @Svein-Ole_Sorensen,

Roon’s update options are adjusted from Settings → About → Cog Icon
See this image…


There is not an option disable the reminder message.

once you have updated there is often no (supported) way back either - especially for App Store updates.

I know where the settings are, my question was if roon team could make an option for this.

You should have this moved to feature suggestions, though I doubt it will gain any kind of traction.

Roon is more than the software that you install on your devices. It’s a cloud service. There have been changes made to the cloud service that require Roon Core changes to maintain compatibility. This will happen again.

If you refuse updates long enough, at some point your Roon experience will be badly broken. Like way more broken than you think it is from updates.

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loss-loss it is! Still, I’ll like to have the option to choose on which side will I lose! :slight_smile:

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