Option to turn off the question why a track was skipped in Radio

I’d like to see an option to turn off the (IMHO) rather intrusive and in your face question why a track was skipped when playing from radio. There’s a thumbs up and thumbs down option there already and for me that’s quite enough.


I would appreciate that, too thumbs-up
It has such a connotation that you have to justify yourself that the radio function does not do what it should. I do not want to explain why I do not want to hear the song.

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You don’t have to answer. Ignoring it will still move the Radio selections along.

Answering will increase the accuracy of the Radio selections.


If I don’t have to answer, don’t ask the question…

…or at least give me the option to not see it. I understand that answering helps make radio better, but I like skipping through unknown artists and albums to discover new stuff, this means that the question pops up every time and I find it annoying.

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Oh dear, we can’t have that. :slight_smile:

Also, why is does it always ask (at least for me) if I skipped because it is a holiday track?

Hmm, I’ve never seen that question.

Have you tagged any music as Holiday or is the selection that you are asked about in a Holiday genre?

I feel inclined to respond…but I won’t…

No to both. The first question is something like “I don’t like this song, I don’t want to hear it right now,” and if you answer that the next question is like “It doesn’t fit, it is holiday music”. Literally every time I’ve answered the question, that is the follow-up.

Aha, I’ve never clicked ‘This doesn’t fit’, but that brings up several questions.

If one clicks ‘Holiday Music’ what does that cause to happen?

First thought is that the track is not permanently put in a no play status, but can potentially be played at a later time. Presumably during a ‘Holiday’? If so, the next question is what constitutes a ‘Holiday’? Probably not talking about Halloween or Thanksgiving.

If it means Xmas, which I think it does, shouldn’t the next question be ‘Are you a Christian?’?


I guess, there could be a list of ‘Holidays’ and if the same ‘This doesn’t fit’ is clicked during a certain Holiday then that would remove that Holiday as a potential time for Radio to play the music, until the appropriate Holiday is discovered, or never.


The streaming services have some very odd tagging going on and I think this is an attempt to correctly tag Christian Christmas music so it can be excluded from general playing.

Yeah, probably so, but that begs the question - Why just Xmas holiday music? I guess, because that’s all streaming services tag?

Yep I think so. American influence I would think.