Option to update password for a folder on the network

Using input on this forum I updated the password of my network storage folder (hint: I didn’t update it).

Several steps were involved:

  • I couldn’t find a “update password” option, and I couldn’t add the same folder with another password. So I thought I probably have to delete the old folder and then add a new.
  • after changing the password, the network drive becomes “inaccessible”. No way to delete it. On the forum I found out I had to reboot (I cannot remove or edit a network share - #4 by Angelo_C)
  • there is no “restart” button where I expect it (in Settings > About or Settings > General), so I had to search. Again the forum helped me further (Possibility to restart the Roon Core / Server via Roon Remote - #25 by BlackJack)
  • this made it possible to remove the old share, then I could add the share again and now Roon is reindexing, most of the data still seems to be there

Would it be possible to make the fields we have to complete to add a new share also editable?


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I have this issue every few months as I’ve set my NAS account password to expire every so often, and the only way is to recreate the shares every time which is a right PITA.