Optional 'Explicit' sign

Can I turn off that ‘explicit’ sign in the header?
Because I don’t need anybody to tell me that some of the songs / bands I like might have ‘explicit’ lyrics. (And what is ‘explicit’ anyhow?)
Led Zeppelin’s Lemon Song seems to be explicit; the same lyrics (Traveling Riverside Blues) by Robert Johnson are not…


Hi Aernout,
Not presently, thus I’ve moved your topic into the feature requests section. Let’s see of other Roon users comment.

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Yeah I would love to see that. As European I really don’t care about the ‘explicit’ label.

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Yes indeed.
For me it’s a typical American issue; Apple did the same thing in iTunes; one of the many reasons I got rid of iTunes.

(My father warned me also for these ‘explicit’ lyrics. And that’s already fifty years ago…)

It’s all Tipper Gore’s fault. I agree that you should be able to turn off the “warnings.” Personally, since I’m American, I don’t even listen to music with explicit lyrics. I barely listen to music with lyrics. :astonished:


“The Filthy Fifteen” I haven’t played most of those tracks in ages … must try harder.

+1 here to have it optional for your local library, although I think it’s 100% necessary to always have it on for the Tidal albums section so you know which is the edited version for some albums you want to listen to, or add to your library.

Any progress on this topic? As already stated, it is just stupid to not have it optional. Although it is possible to remove them per album, it is very cumbersome/tiring to always have to edit every album that gets added. The whole (or at least a big part of it) point of roon is its convenience.

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Doesn’t look like progress has been made here, but adding another voice that an option to have explicit optional (i.e. be able to turn it OFF) for your local library would be great; it only just started annoying me to see it all over the place and it’d take eons to go through and surgically remove it manually by album—because I also can’t find albums with that label through Focus. :frowning:

If you turn of the ‘explicit’ label, how do you differentiate the real version of the album from the messed up (‘non-explicit’) version?
I’m all for it, but it seems that for some artists you’ve got a fifty-fifty chance of getting the cleaned up version unless you can explicitly pick the explicit version.