Options in Albums view

When I view my albums, how great would it be that a right-click on an album would show:

  • The option to delete the Album
  • The Option to link it to one of the existing bookmarks (or playlist)

And in the same view selecting multiple albums (As we’re used to hold the “CTRL” button with left-clicking the mouse-button)
After selecting a bunch, right click again to get the previously mentioned options to either delete or link these to a bookmark (or playlist)

(I am familiar with the filter option, but in some cases the selections I would like to make exceed what is available in the filter pre-selections)

I’ve moved this to feature requests as you seem to be suggesting changes.

Roon has all of that, but it is in the …/Edit button up top.

A menu on the mouse right-click is platform specific and old-fashioned.

You can select and album or multiple albums and choose Edit > Album Options > Delete. Likewise, you can add to Playlist from the three dots next to an album.

You can. You need to select the Edit button at the top right of the screen.

For Playlist, select the 3 dots icon at the top of the screen and select Add to a Playlist.

Bookmarks are based on certain criteria based on the album. For example, you may have a simple bookmark based on a genre, like Blues.

So, if you edit the album(s) and add Blues to the Genre, then the album(s) will appear automatically the next time you use the Bookmark. So, in this case, you would again select the album, then click the Edit button at the top right of the screen.

3 dots, don’t see them here

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Or were you referring to this view (but that is not suitable to batch-select)

There is no need to choose an action as you haven’t selected anything so far. Try selecting one or more albums first.

Got it! And there is the edit button :wink:


Via the edit button is a long way to delete an album. Right click delete would be an improvement

Sure there is a simpel way selecting multiple albums (without using the filter option)?

Right-click or long press on tablets.

FAQ: How do I select songs or albums? What can I do?

Additionally one can use shift + select (like in common file explorers) to select a coherent range of objects (tracks, albums, …).

No right click on my iPad.

Long press on iPad or Windows tablets does the same in roon as right clicking with a mouse.

It selects the item, but it doesn’t show a local menu as right click does in windows.
In Roon, the menu is in the dot-dot-dot button or the Edit button.

In my experience, long presses on an iPad or windows laptop with a touch screen do the same things as right clicking with the mouse on windows. But that’s without exhaustively looking at every single user control in roon so there could be exceptions.

But this isn’t an exception. Right clicking on an album thumbnail in the album browser on windows selects the album too, just like a long press on an iPad. It does not show a local menu. At least that’s the behavior on my windows PCs.

What @Arno_Pfennings asked for was that the menu would appear directly on the right-click. That’s what it does in Windows, but not in Roon in windows or elsewhere, Roon wants cross-OS consistency. And as the world moves toward multi-platform and web, that’s b3coming the norm: you can’t right-click-and-delete in your Amazon shopping cart either.

Correct. My Macbook does and for me that is where I do most of the editing or re-arranging

Perhaps a good example/option is how one can delete certain shortcuts/apps on an iPhone/Pad. Press, hold and after that you can delete the one you want (or drag it to another screen).
This would cover the quick delete function. On a macbook this could be similar by holding the right click.

But, this does not yet cover the group selection (randomly selecting albums from the album overview and after that having the choice to delete (perhaps with a similar way as above) or to add the group to a certain bookmark.