Options in Albums view

Same but select more albums in the middle

  1. Select one album with a right click (or long press) as above
  2. Click on several others (left click or regular press), you can scroll back and forth as you select albums; you can do that in search results or artist album listings or wherever
  3. Do the action as above, delete or play or edit metadata or add t9 playlist or favorite or…

In Windows (and I assume Mac) you do something similar but you have to hold down a key while you multi-select, requires a certain finger agility

We’re getting there. Checked on the macbook and iPad and for the Macbook indeed it’s holding the CMD button.
After the selection in de edit-box you can delete.

Now…still left is the adding of this multiple selection to an existing bookmark

That’s not possible. A bookmark saves a specific view on your library (albums without genres for example). You can not add albums/tracks/… to a bookmark in other ways than make them comply or not to the filter/focus criteria(s) saved in the bookmark. Use tags or playlists instead if you need the ability to add albums/tracks/… to something.

FAQ: How do I create a smart playlist? How do I save a Focus?

As @BlackJack says, a tag contains albums (or other things).
A bookmark is just a view… for example, of a bookmark :smile:

a new feature?

What do you mean? Changing the behavior of bookmarks in a way so that it’s possible to add albums/tracks/… would make them something like tags or playlists but no longer bookmarks (saved views).

For my example above, edit selected albums and add a genre or delete all genres to add or delete them from the bookmark.

Eg. In my album view I want to select a group (but not all) female jazz singers and after that I want put them in a(n) (existing) bookmark called Female Jazz Singers…or in a new bookmark

What filter/focus criteria is the bookmark “Female Jazz Singers” based on? If it’s a tag, then add the selected group to that tag. If it’s a genre, then add that genre to the selected group (use Edit… from the 3-dots menu or the Edit button top right to do so).