Options to force Embedded Artwork and Fixed image names

I know this has been beaten up a zillion times…but…please add some options to always use embedded art. Another option to always use ‘folder.jpg’ or ‘cover.jpg’ and the like to always ensure the desired artwork. The current mechanism of choosing the largest local in the folder is silly.


Are you talking about the import settings? I see three settings in there “Prefer Roon”, “Prefer File”, and “Prefer Best”. Is this what you are talking about? And are you saying that the “Prefer File” setting does not select the imbedded artwork? Does trying to understand.

Also, I know it is cumbersome, but you can go in and edit the albums to use whatever file or image you want in the Album editor. But I think you want import settings control, right?

I have prefer file but Roon still picks the largest image generally and it may be hit or miss as to it actually fetching the cover. This is an issue as my CD folders have the cover, back, and all kinds of scans in them. A single file may always hit but for me (and others), this is not the case.

An option to always choose a set filename “folder.", "cover.”, etc. would solve the problem. Also an option to always choose the embedded artwork is superb too.


You can already to do what you want using the desktop or tablet app you can set global import metadata settings for your library. It will take time if you change them as it will redo the whole library.

Any image with the name ‘folder’, ‘cover’ or ‘front’ will override a larger image, at least I’m fairly sure that’s the case. I’ve just done a limited test, and it seems to work that way.

No, you can’t. You are missing the point in that Roon does not absolutely look for set names for a cover, etc. The prefer file portion when importing is using logic based on size and not an absolute filename which should be an option. What if I have folder, folder2, folder3, etc. with differing resolutions? It picks the largest without actually zeroing in on folder.* which is generally a standard.

I would like to hear from the Roon folks on its’ latest logic when it comes to selecting local artwork.


Well, it may be working that way for you, but not for me. I have Roon set as follows:

I just imported a new album with two images in the folder. One called front.jpg (2258px x 2258px) and another called ‘not the front.jpg’ (4824px x 3216px). The latter is substantially larger, but Roon picked front.jpg as the cover.

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As a follow-up: changing the names of the files after an album is imported will also change the cover that’s displayed. I used two files here, and swapped the names. Roon automatically changed the displayed image to whichever was called cover.jpg …

The image of the trees is the larger of the two files.

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This implies that Roon has some set names that it prefers. Does anyone have a list of these?

I must have some edge cases as I see about a 50% hit rate. Let me find one. Stay tuned.


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I don’t have a full list, but ‘cover’, ‘front’ and ‘folder’ are definitely on it – in that order of precedence, i.e. ‘cover’ is Roon’s first choice, followed by ‘front’, then ‘folder’.

I’ve imported a fresh 25 albums with each folder having a myriad of typical names, plus embedded artwork in the files.

From what I can tell, Roon will first pick its best match from the 'net if there is no art to be had anywhere in or out of the files.

It then prefers in this order: embedded → foldercoverfront (There may be other names too…)

Caveat: Roon pools the matches and selects the largest resolution version. Should there be conflicts, it chooses the last modified respecting the name order and resolution. There is also a preference for the shortest file name should two be identical satisfying all the above from some quick renames, but this could also be triggered by modification date. I am sure jpg and png factor in the logic too.

If anyone is feeling intrepid, they can fiddle with names, resolutions, times, types, etc. to exactly refine the logic path - or just observe the top level naming and be done…


For note, the logic of picking the best rez first is a bit of a pain when one forces embedded artwork at it should be the first choice regardless of resolution. This does make more work ensuring filenames are on the up and up.


My testing suggested cover → front → folder, so maybe there’s a bit more to it than we’ve discovered.