Options with streaming subscriptions

Hi there. I am a long time (and life time) user of Roon and occasionally tried subscribing to a streaming service (Qobuz, Tidal). Basically I have no need for streaming because of my own, decades long collection of music, now all digitised.
Anyway, I cancelled my streaming subscription twice because of a reason that I found no way to change: announcements of “new music” and “similar music to the one you are listening”. This is for me a no go because it interrupts my listening and distracts me from the chosen music.
I searched for options to stop or toggle this behaviour in Roon but without solution.
When I check for new music I do so by my own motivation but I hate these things being thrown at me. That’s too much of an intrusion.
I will continue using Roon, but likely without any streaming subscription if Roon lab does not come up with a solution to these intrusions, e.g. a button to toggle suggestions.
I am aware that my way of appreciating music may not be shared by many in this forum, no problem. But please give everyone the option to listen according to their own preference. In the meantime providers of streaming services will lose out a customer.

I stream for Tidal and Qobuz with no local files. I don’t see this unless I go looking for it.

Are you talking about the Recommended albums that appear on the Home Screen, Artist Screen, Album Screen etc.? There is an easy way to switch these off. A workaround toggle, if you like. Go into Settings - Services and disable your streaming service. This removes the recommendations. I know it’s not a one click solution, but it’s pretty close. And it’s the best that you’re going to get.

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#Sukien… Yes, it’s about the recommended and new albums that are thrown on the listener.

I thought about turning of the service, but never tried when I had a subscription. I thought that Qobuz albums in my library will also disappear. I can’t try now, but do you know?

#Jim_F What is it that you don’t see?

Qobuz albums do disappear I’m afraid, so my workaround isn’t a particularly good solution.

They will disappear because you are disabling the service.