Orange blink on Nuc I5 8th gen

Hello guys,

Sorry to ask this question but what is the orange blinking cyclindre on the front panel of the Nuc? Not the power button but opposite side.

I just can’t find the answer on the net even on user manual…

I have just installed Roon rock smoothly on this brand new NUC.
It works fine as a core but this thing cannot stop blinking on orange every 5 seconds.

I tried removed Ram and SSD

My only clue so far is that it does not blink when i am into the bios.
Many thanks in advance


I reply to myself, finally found the answer on the forum
It is the HDD led…and written nowhere on Intel’s manuals… grrrrrr

A black stationary dot will solve the issue

Thanks :grimacing: it is fair to joke about it

I do that for bright leds on things I don’t care to see. Small enough to miss noticing and very effective. Not joking at all. :cowboy_hat_face:

Ah ok thanks because i just figure out that i can disable it in the BIOS.
But your idea is good for all poluting lights at home! :+1:


I have this “problem”, and no matter what I choose in the BIOS I cannot turn off the blinking orange light. Any advice?


Put a piece of tape over it.

This is SSD working, no worries nothing bad.
As said previously and I thought it was a joke but at the end I end up putting a piece of black tissu on it.