Orchard Audio Starkrimson

Just got this email.
I know nothing about this device, but I’m fond of my Orchard PecanPi DAC (which was recommended here).
If somebody tries it, please comment here.
After all, who could not love increased slew rate, reduced ringing, faster switching, and faster overload recovery.


Just Add Speakers

I am proud to announce the launch of Starkrimson™ Integrated. This integrated amplifier combines Orchard Audio’s existing BOSC™ amplification and PecanPi® DAC technologies into a single enclosure. The inputs are either USB or S/PDIF. Just add speakers.

Starkrimson is the only integrated amplifier on the market which uses gallium nitride (GaN) technology. GaN transistors provide the following sonic/sound benefits over their traditional silicon counterparts: less harshness; cleaner highs; better transparency; and higher detail. This is because GaN transistors have increased slew rate, reduced ringing, faster switching, and faster overload recovery.

What is unique about this integrated amplifier is that it provides access to both the DAC outputs and amplifier inputs; this enables the connection of devices like digital signal processors (DSPs) and preamps between the two.

Starkrimson is currently available with introductory pricing at $1995. MSRP is set at $2495.

A treasure trove of specifications, photos, and measurements awaits at www.orchardaudio.com/starkrimson

IMG 1493 WB slim

Starkrimson™ front view

IMG 1498 WB slim

Starkrimson™ rear view with XLR jumpers

Start Shopping

Interesting… If I had another location for a speaker amp, I might try it out. My last class D amp was decent (BelCanto C7R) but a tad boring compared with the Hegel H360 class AB monster that followed it. There have been claims that GaN transistors can do better than Si transistors for class D by allowing faster and cleaner switching. There were some rather expensive GaN class D amps out there, but this new integrated price point is very interesting if it performs.