Orchestras, Ensembles, Conductors, etc: Where is the simple way to scroll them?

As someone who was excited reading about all the great new features that according to the Roon messages have been newly introduced or added in 1.8 to further enhance Classical Music browsing, Now I am sitting here 3 weeks on - still trying to find them.

To start with a simple task, I tought: Getting a list of Conductors or Orchestras in your library: File tags with these names exist, so it should be super easy to just focus on them or - much better - list them on the side menu. Other services claiming to understand classical music (idagio, Primephonic) do this since a long time. The better UPnP server Softwares (like MinimServer) introduced such capabilities 10 years ago.

But not so Roon: You need to manually create an entirely static list („My Tag“), going thru your artists and picking those that match your criteria. If you add a Conductor or Orchestra to your library, you need to make sure to include them in the respective „My Tag“ list, otherwise those lists would become obsolete swiftly. A constant maintenance effort. Totally redundant.

And: How is somebody who is fairly new to Classical supposed to achieve that? he heard the „Berliner Philharmoniker“ and now he wants to list other orchestras to pick and choose to hear how he likes their playing? Not a chance. Valence does it? Not really as it doesnt just pick Orchestras, it picks just anything deemend „popular“ enough which roughly matches the bill and could contain „some“ Orchestras just as well as Conductors or Pianists or Singers…

Even being reasonable well versed in Classical, I had a hard time to pick all the 380+ Conductors on my list of thousands Artists. Now let someone do this starting off in Classical who just heard Simon Rattle and wants to see a list of conductors? Impossible.

I believe there is a need to get back on the drawing bord and think again over some of this. Dumping each and everyone into „Artists“ and let valence cook something up cant be the way forward if you understand Classical Music.

Happy to help with ideas