Order in search string matters for Prokofiev but not for Beethoven?

I’ve just experienced something rather strange. I wanted to find a particular album with Prokofievs fifth symphony so I typed the following string into the search box:
“prokofiev symphony no. 5”
I waited almost forever but no result appeared. Just the “busy signal screen”:
I was stupefied because I was sure I had used search strings like that before and I thought I was sure that the order of the words in the search string did not matter.
But after having waited for more than ten minutes (spent reading) I got fed up with it and thought I could just as well try and change my search string to:
“symphony no. 5 prokofiev”
Imagine my surprise when the following results were shown after only a second or two:

Now on to Beethoven:
Searching for
“beethoven symphony no. 5”
takes only a few seconds to give the following result:

while searching with
“symphony no. 5 beethoven”
gives the same result in just as many seconds:

Now how can this be?
Is this an easter egg planted by a Roon programmer who just happens to hate Prokofiev?

For good measure I also tested searching for the fifth symphonies of Mahler, Bruckner, Haydn and Mozart. In none of these cases did the order in which I put the words within the search string matter.

Hi @Hans_Valeton,

I did a search for “prokofiev symphony no. 5” and got results in just a second or two. If you do this search again does the same issue occur?

It’s possible that there was a temporary issue in the connection to our server or something like that which triggered an issue unrelated to the actual search string, so understanding if this is something you see every time, or if this ever happens with any other search string, would definitely be helpful!

Hi @dylan,
Thanks for your quick response. I have just retried the “prokofiev symphony no. 5” search string and it is still searching.

Should I conclude from this that I cannot search my own local library is there is no connection to the Roon server? I wasn’t aware of that.

Hi @Hans_Valeton,

Can you do this once more, note the time that you start the search, and respond here with that time? We’re going to enable diagnostics and take a look.

When you’re connected to our servers we will do a search on our servers. You can also do a search limited to you library and search when offline, but by default if you’re connected to the internet our search will be communicating with our servers. It looks like something is going wrong during this communication resulting in the issue you’re seeing.

You’re in luck, @dylan, as I’m just going to bed and starting an ‘endless’ search won’t bother me all that much while I’m snoring…
I’ve just started the search for “prokofiev symphony no. 5”. So please feel free to have a look.
Can I hope to hear from you soon? Or shall I just kill this search action as soon as I need my core again tomorrow?

After 11 hours my Roon screen still looks like:
So I hope you have gathered enough diagnostics, because I’m now cancelling the search action.

Thats a weird one. For the fun of it, I just entered „prokofiev symphony No. 5“ in search and got (correct) results returned almost instantly.

BUT: I have also observed Search sometimes to just hang on something and not get back for a very long time.

I have so far attributed this to the generelly buggy state of the software but will now observe whether this may be linked to certain search terms. I‘ll report if I find something.

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Now that I’m back home in Utrecht and much “closer to the core…” I’d like to know, @dylan, if you were able to get the diagnostics data you were after.

Hi @Hans_Valeton — I just wanted to reach out and let you know we have a meeting scheduled with our QA team tomorrow to discuss the findings from the diagnostics report. I’ll be sure to follow up once I have their feedback!

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