Order of Tracks in Artist View

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Windows 10, i5, 8GB

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Sonos One

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Description of Issue

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - I did try searching - but just trying to get my head round what order tracks are displayed in an artist. I quite like playing a particular artist starting at one album and going onto the next automatically etc… in order of release. I can do this by selecting each album and then playing them, which is fine, but thought I could also do it by looking at the list of all tracks in release date order.

If I select Recordings by Release Date, it shows the albums in order, but the tracks within each album don’t seem to be in any order I can recognise - not by track number, not alphabetically, or in reverse etc… Looking at the below screenshot of Bob Dylan albums, the first track showing of Blonde On Blonde is track 11, followed by track 4, track 14, track 7 etc…

Thought if I could work out how Roon lists these I could work out a way to correct it.

Many thanks for any help.