Order of tracks messed up by double and triple CDs

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Audio Products
Trigon Exceed Streamer, connected by ethernet.

Description Of Issue
f I rip a CD of an opera, that means 2-4 CDs, the tracks are messed up.
They get in totally wrong order, like CD1 Track1 CD2, track1, CD1 track 2, CD2 Track 2, instead of CD1, 1-12, CD2, 1-12. So music is jumping after every track to a wrong place.

Hi @Detlef_Grooss — Thanks for reaching out!

For best practices on importing multi-disc albums to Roon, please see this article:

P.S. there is no funktion like edit or identify in the three dot menu

Sorry for the confusion here, @Detlef_Grooss. Currently the edit functionality does not exist on the mobile version of Roon remote, so you’ll need to do this from a device that uses the full UI.

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