Organize tunes correctly please

Hello Roon;
I’d appreciate it if you would organize correctly Disc 3 of this album tunes - this mess is the result of original tunes numbering; thank you.

Hi @Lonek. I’ve taken a look at this issue and it’s an unusual problem with the TIDAL metadata for this album which won’t be easy to fix. However, we do have another set of good metadata for this album.

  1. Select “Edit” from the three dot menu button in your image above.
  2. Select “Identify Album”.
  3. It’s possible that the good metadata will show up immediately (it’s the 2004 release with the same cover art). If so, select, check, and save it.
  4. If you can’t see it, select “None of these look right” in the bottom right corner and enter the following exactly (including punctuation) in the manual search boxes: “Willem Mengelberg” and “Bach: St. Matthew Passion”. The correct metadata should be the first result.

Thank you - solved.


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