Organized Folders - Using a big library - Please add a folder level [Organized folders no longer supported]


i have tried to use Organized folders. letting Roon do what it want with my library.

and Yest you are doing a good job organizing.

Is it possible for you to ad Another level of folders?

as it is now all artist is in the same folder.
for me that will create 5828 folders.
can i ask you gently to put all the artist that starts with A in a folder called A
Artists that starts with a B in a folder named B and so on.

Thank you roon :smile:

Just curious why would you want that?

Good question :slight_smile:
If i want to do anything with my library, its easier to handle folders containing less folders than 5K folders.

Also windows browsing starts to get slow using that amount on folders wihin a folder.
and in my world. if windows starts to struggle browsing 5k folders. i guess that roon also starts to slow down.
It might be that i still want to have some Control over my library and dont trust (Yet) how Roon handles it.

I hope that was somehow clarifying your question?

Speed when browsing filesystem, regardless of operating system. Iโ€™ve a large library and started with 0-E, F-J etc. I ended up with 0-9, A, B, C, โ€ฆ, Z

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No that does not happen, Roon indexes directly to the files location.

I understand about wanting to retain some control; the general advice to people is if the library folders/files are already well organised and to your liking then use a Roon Watched folder.

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For me itโ€™s not about how Roon handles the files/ folders when scanning, itโ€™s more about when I want to browse the folders using a file manager. Fewer entries in a folder make for faster browsing.