Organizing Albums

Right now my albums basically are in random order. That is because Roon, say, will order 3 Mozart pieces differently. Some under M, some under the name of the music, some under the name of the conductor. Is there a way to group all Mozart pieces together?

You can search for Mozart in Composers. Still a bit messy for unidentified stuff though, I’m afraid.

Roon tags are the best way. Select a bunch of albums and then give them a Roon Tag. The Tags appear in searches, which is cool.

I use Roon Tags to get over the inability to display by folder. I give each folder content it’s own tag. It’s a PIA work around, but it works :slight_smile:

(P.S. This also will allow you to search for non-identifiable stuff)

Make sure that Mozart is credited in Roon as the Composer and you should then find the various works listed in Composer view under Mozart.

How do I do that?

This KB Section will give you the details. Basically you go to the three dot menu when viewing the Album and choose Edit Album:

Then go to Edit Album tab and choose Edit Credits:

Add the Artist and choose Composer as the role:

You can edit a number of albums at a time to add the same credit to them all. See under Bulk Editing in the linked KB Page above.