Organizing Compositions into Albums

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro 2014 iOS 10.11.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

home network

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio streamer, macbook and iPad

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Description of Issue

I am organizing 4 groups of my compositions into 4 separate albums. Each group of compositions are in one of four separate directories. Roon creates albums using the directory names and I am able to upload cover art for each album. In 3 cases, Roon has created 2 albums for each directory. The titles, primary artist and album artists are the same. Why would Roon split these compositions into 2 albums? As far as I can tell, all information in the split directories is the same. How can I get Roon to combine the split directories? Roon is also inconsistent in linking these compositions to the artist and composer listing. Where does Roon look for composer and primary artist designations? I have tried the Roon album and track editor and all information appears to be there. But the albums are not linked to the artist or composer listings.

I’m relatively new to this and still have much to learn. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @Peter_Scheff,

We’re so sorry we’ve missed on your post for this long. Please, accept our apologies for the delay :pleading_face:

Sometimes, Roon might have a hard time matching the albums based on the metadata it can interpret. When things don’t go quite right, you can correct the information and group the albums yourself. We explain this process in our help center. Here’s a great starting point: