Organizing search results and roon radio

Just started using roon and had some questions.

  1. For search results, I’m seeing Top Result > Artists > Albums > Tracks. Is there any way for me to order this differently? Trying to move tracks between Top Results and Artists. I know I can search my collection only, but it seemed strange that the result I’m looking for is all the way down in tracks even though it’s in my library.

  2. For roon radio, does it only support songs that roon has identified in their database? I have some obscure songs that I’m trying to start a radio for, but roon says it didn’t find any similar songs and would just play from my library. I have Tidal connected, but the songs in question are local files.

Hi @Daniel,

It is not possible to adjust the order of results. By default Roon will try to display the most relevant results at the top.

Roon Radio requires us to have enough information about an album in order to start Radio and choose similar picks. If we don’t have enough information it will be limited to your local library. We are always getting new information though, so it’s possible we will have information about these albums in the future!

Can local tracks be manually enhanced in a way such that it has enough information for the Radio to function? In some of these cases, it is a different version of a song (different artist but similar genre) to something that already exists on Tidal.

This isn’t something that can be done in Roon directly, but we do get information from Anyone can enter information into MusicBrainz, so you could create entries for these albums there so we’d have some information about it.

I’m guessing that the process isn’t automatic, or there’s still something else missing. For example, looking at, I have a local file for this song, but roon has no info about it. Is roon supposed to be able to identify the data automatically?


Hi @Daniel,

Yes, it’s not an instant process — It can take some time before Roon has the information available.

Just to be clear, I did not add that entry, it’s been there, and the edit history shows last updated in 2009. That’s why I’m wondering if there’s some manual intervention needed for this to actually get processed by roon.

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