Original nucleus recent crash reboot

I’m guessing that the mDSN reflector in my Firewalla Purple firewall/gateway box is the culprit (there are two different WAN networks (one for connecting to the AT&T fiber box, and another for short-distance WiFi for use when the fiber network is down and a connection to the internet requires using an iPhone’s Cellular connection instead)).

While waiting for a response I reinstalled Roon on the Nucleus, which seemed to have helped the situation. I did swap out the 4GB memory card for an 8GB one per Danny’s post from a while ago. That may not have been necessary, but given what you’ve indicated, it cannot hurt.

As for rebuilding the database, according to your steps, I’ll definitely keep that in mind going forward.

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Hi @stevebythebay,

If there are any more issues that pop up and this thread is closed, please tag me and we can revisit things together!


Sorry for my lack of knowledge regarding pursuing specific members of Roon support but can you tell me what you mean by “tagging” you? I’m not aware of any directory of support contacts that I can search or a way to save your credentials.

An @ wes (no space) will get my attention. Alternatively, if the issue occurs within the two day window, any responses here will flag me!


OK. I’ll open a new thread if needed with @wes as you’ve suggested.

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