Original Source Recordings & Dates

As part of my ongoing curation of my library, I am now turning to the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series. The first bootleg release (The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991) is made up of three discs arranged chronologically. For this box set, Wikipedia identifies the source recordings and recording dates of each track.

What I’d like to do is to indicate the source recordings and the date each track was recorded in Roon. I know Roon has the ability to identify the release date at the album level. But can it do so at the track level? And if so for date and source recordings, where would I enter this, preferably at the tagger level outside of Roon?


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Hi, you can find the metadata Roon uses for tracks here:

You certainly can add the recording date on a track-by-track basis (ignore the Data source entry in the table for Start/End Date - you can use data from Roon or from Files, or Edit in Roon). So can be done within Roon or using a third-party tag editor.

I’m not so sure how you would approach Source via file metadata, certainly not in a simple way. But within Roon you could create tags to group the track(s) from the series with their relevant album.

Album view:

Tag view:

I guess, if you wanted to be really clever, you could spilt the series, moving the outake file(s) into their source album folder, and using Roon’s Work and Part tags to group source and outake(s) into one album page (the source):

But you would obviously lose the series as an album boxset in itself (and some tracks aren’t associated with a source album).

Perhaps the Roon tags displaying under the tracks within the boxset album page is enough for your purposes?