Originally Released / Released / Date Recorded

The fields in album description:
Originally Released / Released / Date Recorded
in general present major problems. This is the first time that i report this, sorry if it is already present in other posts.
So, first example:
clearly, the recording date cannot follow the realease date!
Second example:

the original realease date cannot follow the release date!

i don’t actually know if here it’s a roon metadata problem, or it’s a problem somehow related to the YEAR / DATE file tags.
in any case, it is crearly an inconsistent result in roon software.
I have a lot of similar situations, with the result that the date album sorting (default in my settings) is usually wrong.

is there anybody out there?

@staff? @support?

i hope no answer means imminent new release :slight_smile:

lately… looking in the forum…
i could not see any response by the @staff.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

We have a ticket in for this. We have some ideas about how we can improve things here, but we don’t have any specific timelines for when any changes might be made available.

We appreciate the feedback!