Ormandy monaural recordings

On April 9 of this year, Columbia will release to the public 120 discs of the recorded legacy of Eugene Ormandy. According to their publicity, many of the items are new to CD. While to the classical collector, this release is of great importance, I foresee a perhaps overwhelming issue with this box set. For the record, I used to be a subscriber to the Phailadelphia Orchestra when Ormandy was alive. Introduced me to Istvan Kertesz among others, a tragic loss. In any event, I can foresee that this set will be a nightmare to catalog based on my past experiece with new releases especially old monaural discs… And herein lies my problem, what can Roon do to alleviate this issue? As War so eloquently put it: “War, what is it good for, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING” This is not Roon;s fault but for all the verbiage sprouted in the forum it all goes for naught if the information cannot be read by the system and we are left with the infamous Track 1, Track 2, etc. What to do, I know, not your fault. So the search goes on. At least i don’t have to pay any more for Roon or do I suspect a change to that routine in the near future? I probably will not be reading the forum as closely as I used to for the foreseeable future since I will be translating the discs into something readable during that time. Of course, I could be wrong but I have too many horror stories of the opposite to be hopeful. Also to complete the cycle my nimbie has ceased to function-spring break??? In a few months it will start again. Well documented in the forum as to its foibles. Actually, you could make some extra money by providing a good metadata service but probably too much of a startup cost. Not really discussable tropic but I thought you might be interested. I will let you know how the cataloging is going.