OS Agnostic Directory Separators

Where folder paths are configured in Roon such as Settings --> Storage --> Edit --> Ignore Paths

Whilst the paths are not case sensitive the directory separator is specific to the operating system that the Roon Core is running on.

I would suggest when parsing … treating ‘/’ or ‘’ as being a valid directory separator.

Thus these two lines would be functionaly equivalent and interchangeable

\tmp\; \temp\; \.; .pmbmf\
/tmp/; /temp/; /.; .pmbmf/

Which would remove a potential trip hazard, especially when Roon is migrated to a different OS.

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We agree that having OS agnostic directory separators is better here, the trip hazard is real and pointless.

I just implemented exactly the behavior you suggest, where both ‘/’ and ‘’ are treated identically and as directory separators. That should go out in the next release, whenever that is.