OS X 10.10.3 Installing: After finding media library, Crash

Hi, First - such a great effort and I can’t say enough how I have literally ached for someone to produce this level of connecting music to itself and to others.

When I selected my media library located on a USB Drive, Roon began indexing my collection. Downloading about 2GB in supporting files to my /user/library/roon section. However, I could not proceed as the user interface began flickering. No keyboard input was successful. I simply quit Roon normally. AFTER my disk had stopped importing all the supporting metadata/art. I relaunched Roon. Everything seems ok.

I recommend that the flicker and hang feature be removed, because it is not a smooth operating feature :wink:


Okay this happens every time I add a local folder to my Roon Library.

Thanks for the report Bill. I’m going to send you support info via PM, so we can some more information about your crash.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Mike, how would I send you my Log files?

edit: n/m I found the PM you sent.

Hey Bill, the logs are pointing to an issue enabling/disabling an audio device, do you recall if you were having any issues with audio devices, like adding a new one or enabling/disabling? I haven’t been able to reproduce this crash adding local folders, so I’m trying to get any additional clues to reproduce this issue before I pass it on to the team, thanks!

Okay I do have issues with my USB DAC. I am not near my system at the moment, but I will reproduce the crash relating to audio devices. My initial report was from the first run. I have it on video and will share (if needed-later tonight MST)

In a nutshell, Roon or the USB DAC looses communication. If I reboot the DAC sometime Roon will work normally. Sometimes Roon will Crash.

Thanks for looking into this. I will send another log file tonight.