OSMC with RoPieee

@spockfish I got my OSMC remote today and, just like you promised, it was really a no brainer to install. Just plugged in the USB dongle and RoPieee immediately recognized the remote as an OSMC remote. Then enabled the Roon extension and it was working!

One minor thing: The zone I tried to tell it to control was originally named ‘Rost (USB)’ which is an allowable string in Roon, but wasn’t allowed in the RoPieee config. No biggie…I just changed it to ‘Rost’ and it worked immediately.

More importantly, I want to be sure I understand what the remote should be able to do: So far only two of the buttons (well actually three if you count the left arrow and right arrow as two buttons) seem to do anything. I can use Left/Right arrow to change tracks in the current queue, and I can hit the Play/Stop button to, well, Play or Stop. Any plans for any more functions to be enabled (or should any others be working now and I just haven’t figured them out)?

Most importantly would be volume of course…I saw in another post that you were working on that. Any update?

Disregard comment on volume! It’s working today, not sure what I was doing wrong yesterday. Love the remote integration, thank you @spockfish