OSX and Windows keeping losing USB DACs

I have a Mac Mini M2 with OSX 14.5 serving as host and a Windows 11 client. BOTH systems routinely drop the connection to the USB DAC, which briefly dissapears before returning. It’s random, and can be every few minutes or not for hours.

Nothing has resolved this, not restarting, changing USB hubs, etc.

Which DAC are you using? Have you tried a different USB cable? USB hubs can drop due to power saving issues. Start with a different cable… you don’t need anything fancy (I use monoprice or Amazon).

Multiple DACs and multiple cables. It’s not that.

Try it without the hub?

Sure did… I’m an engineer, the obvious “try replacing this or rebooting that” is already done… This has been a long-running annoyance that has defied any solution I’ve tried.

Edit: As noted in the OP it affects both my Mac and Windows machines.

Hey @Dan_Clark,

Good to see you on the community again, sorry to hear you’re experiencing connection issues within your system still!

We were able to pull a fresh diagnostic report from your Mac running Roon Server, and see reports of potential network bandwidth throttling taking place, pulling the limit down to 0kbps across multiple zones. This then disposes all streams and results in a full disconnect from your DAC.

I’m also seeing some hiccups in regards to Microsoft Teams Audio - I’d test out removing this driver from your Audio/MIDI settings as well, just to keep things clean while we continue to troubleshoot.

Can you provide some updated information around your network setup, and how your Mac is connected to your router? What router model are you currently using? We may want to review any bandwidth priority settings, or IGMP Snooping settings within your router to see if there are any additional tools we may be able to implement to strengthen the overall connection.

Let me know, thanks!

Thanks, will remove Teams.

I’m connected by Ethernet, usually, the last few days Wifi. Both have had the same issue. The router is Asus GTAX 1 1100.

Forgot to cc you to reply…

I’m connected by Ethernet, usually, the last few days Wifi. Both have had the same issue. The router is Asus GTAX 1 1100.

Teams was removed and so far today nothing has halted. It may be that’s it. Unfortunately every few months I have to re-install it for some big company that won’t use anything else and we need it… Any explanation of what the interference may be?

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Hey @Dan_Clark,

Thanks for the follow-up and for your status update. Glad to hear you’ve had a smooth run with playback since removing Teams!

There have been known issues in the past with the way Microsoft Teams handles the audio driver on Mac or Windows machines. While I can’t say specifically why it happens, situations arise where Roon and Teams are both fighting for control of the audio driver, and can lead to Roon losing connection, resulting in the symptoms you’ve experienced.

FWIW it seems removing teams on the Mac which is the host resolved USB devices drops on the Window machine as well. THAT was not expected…

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