OSX Notifications cause music to stop to Roon Bridge/iDSD Nano + solution

Hi - I was originally going to post this as a question, but think that I have figured it out so thought I would post it anyway, in case someone else runs into it.

I was having a problem with OSX notifications disrupting music playback-

My setup-

  • Roon Core 1.4.294 on my iMac
  • RPi 3, running diet pi
  • Roon Bridge on said pi
  • iFi-Audio iDSD Nano Connected via the coax to the receiver

This is a new setup for me- I barely used Roon the first year that I had it, but the death of my Sonos Connect pushed me to explore
other options.

Anyway- when playing, if an OS-X notification comes in- any kind- the music stops, even though Roon shows it as playing. It tries to start playing again, but is very choppy (like, it can’t get the stream in sync) and I have pause/play a couple of times for it to kick back on.

Switching to analog out on the iDSD seems to fix this - which is my end goal anyway, since the coax doesn’t support DSD.