OSX: Problem using Virtual audio device

In my hunt to host Audio Units for headphone crossfeed, I need a virtual sound device that has in/out to pipe through an audio unit host.

I’m using Rogue Amoeba’s new Loopback software. The other option is soundflower which isn’t supported anymore unfortunately.

When roon plays to a Loopback device and the sample rates match what the sample rate is set to in OSX’s Audio Midi app all is fine. As soon as roon plays a track with a different sample rate it changes the virtual devices sample rate to 8,000. Let the chipmunks begin.

Observation: Roon is the only software that does this when not in Exclusive mode. iTunes doesn’t change the sample rate and Vox music player is the same, they work flawlessly with loopback. If I turn on exclusive mode in Roon, sample rates change correctly but then the audio device is usless for a hosting app as it’s locked to Roon.

Please download the trial of loopback and see if you can find the issue for me.


The same goes for OSX’s aggregate devices using Audio Midi app, which I assume are virtual as well.

That program looks really interesting. Someone had pointed me to soundflower as a way to incorporate Dirac with Roon (via AU plugins rather than their virtual output) but it seemed old and a bit too much of a fudge for me.

This looks like its a bit more ‘fully fledged’.

Would be interesting to hear more about SQ if you get it working properly.

I wish there were a way to route the data back to Roon somehow, so that you’d get the benefits of AU plugins but also be able to use RoonSpeakers when it comes out.

[so, can’t you send to the virtual device in exclusive mode?]

Using any device in exclusive mode locks the device for any other use, so no, it defeats the purpose of what you are trying to do with the virtual device.

In theory you could put your AU processing after Roonspeakers if it’s going to exist on an OSX machine. Have roonspeakers output to the virtual device.

From the reading I’ve done, soundflower, loopback and audio hijack are kernel extensions. Maybe the roon guys can enlighten us to wether they know if a kext is able to capture the audio bit perfect from an application for further processing.

Sadly not, I’d like to run Roon[AwaitingName] on a Pi2 and put the mac mini ustairs…