OSX RoonBridge running on old version and won't update

Hello Roon Community & Team,

I’m running Roon Server on Windows 10 , Remote on iPhone and iPad , as RoonBridge a microRendu and a freshly installed Mac Mini running OS X Sierra.

My Problem so far, the OS X Version is shown as 1.0 Build 62

As said OS X is a fresh install it hasn’t seen Roon before 1.3 came out. I’ve downloaded the dmg file for roonbridge from the download page.

I came across the problem that it is an old version as I wasn’t able to see dsp features .

I’ve tried a second Mac which I normally don’t use for audio due to it’s usb-c port only and ran into the same problem.

The update screen appeared on my remote device and triggered the server build from 188 to 196 but it didn’t update the OS X version.

I think there’s some confusion here.

Roon Bridge current version is 62, so you’re up to date.

However, your iPhone needs updating and that is done using the App Store. Click on the App Store icon and then Updates and there should be an update for the phone.

Finally, the phone is not able to configure DSP. You need to use a tablet or computer.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Hello Greg,
thanks that helped, finding the dsp feature.
But 2 questions.
Why is roon bridge on osx showing a 1.0 Version? That’s what started the confusion.
Why is the phone not able to control DSP? I’m using the iphone to start, stop, choose music. It would be essential to use all roon has to offer with the remote. As for headphone listening a quick, crossfeed on / off (which is in the dsp features) would be really helpfull.

best regards,

While RAAT code is periodically updated (improving performance of Roon Ready devices, Roon, Roon Remote, and Roon Bridge), Roon Bridge itself has not undergone significant changes for this release, and the version number reflects that it’s a separate product from Roon.

Roon Bridge 1.0 was released at the same time as Roon 1.2.

This could potentially happen in the future. I encourage you to search the #roon:feature-requests section and create a request if there isn’t already one.