Other alternatives to Dropbox

Under Settings -> Services, one can connect to Dropbox. How about connections to other cloud drives/services? OneDrive? Google Drive? IDrive? Thanks!

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lets add pCloud to the list too

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I have been experimenting for a few weeks but as described by other posts I found on-line the experience can be a bit hit and miss. It works in the sense that I can mount a virtual OneDrive and Google Drive, and ExpanDrive allows you to mount several others like Amazon S3 and Box.com:

But there are certainly issues.

  1. Sometimes on re-boot I have to manually re-mount the drives.

  2. Also, the way the service works is that ExpanDrive builds a local cache of your uploaded media files which it then uploads in turn to your cloud service. In principle, ExpanDrive is then supposed to release its cache so that it is not mirroring your cloud drive locally (which is the basic problem with using many of these cloud services with roon natively). The problem is this is not happening, or not happening completely. It may be that if you point roon at this virtual cloud drive then the constant monitoring by roon makes ExpanDrive believe there have been changes to the drive that it must cache. I don’t know. I am in dialog with ExpanDrive but not really getting clear answers. For the moment my workaround is to periodically unmount the cloud drives, exit ExpanDrive, delete the cache and then restart Expandrive and remount the drives.

Obviously, not very satisfactory. I don’t know if there are better, more mature alternatives out there.


Thanks for the suggestions. I am trying out various options including ExpanDrive, NetDrive 3, Cloudmounter, and pCloud. So far, none seem as robust as I would like. And, pCloud only mounts its own cloud service which cost $$$.

I’m using Google Drive File Stream with unlimited storage for backups and music. Works quit well. You’ll need to ignore the Roon warning to use a folder in the Volumes directory, but besides that, no issues until now.


Looking at this now. ExpanDrive not really working for me.

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Doesn’t this require a G Suite Account ($$$) ?

Yes, it’s possible you need g suite. I have such an account so didn’t think about it. They come at 10€ a month with 1 TB included, so not that expensive. If you have 5 or more accounts it get’s very interesting since you get unlimited storage.

Yes. I am associating it with a business account I have anyway.

Begs the question why roon couldn’t re-sell a managed service based on something similar for mobility. Yet to test it properly, performance, stability etc. Might be something about hosting roon storage this way I don’t understand (already dissapointed by ExpanDrive).

Since this request has already been posted previously, I would like to add my post in support of it.

With the recent changes and rate increases by Dropbox, I would like see other storage service options for backups be supported by Roon other than only Dropbox. I actually only maintain a plus Dropbox account to have sufficient space for my Roon backups. Please consider adding in support for iCloud, Amazon Drive, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.


Please add iDrive. Thanks

Some more options like Onedrive and Google drive would be nice. €10/month for Dropbox, just for a Roon backup is too much for me and I think most people already have some sort of cloud storage subscription they can use.


Back it up to your local documents folder then copy it to the cloud location of your choice as a backup

See above, there are 3rd party utilities that allow both to mounted locally exposing them to Roon as a backup target. Or OneDrive used to and may still allow mapping see: https://www.guidingtech.com/42273/map-onedrive-network-drive/

We use one at the office, Cloud Drive Mapper, to mount OneDrive so that people unwilling or able to change can view their data as a legacy mounted drive.

I know there are workarounds for it, but it would be nice to have this as a built in feature without having to rely on third-party apps.


Removed. Was posted in wrong topic…

I second that - I am running out of space with Dropbox, and use it now exclusively to backup Roon. Upgrading to 2TB is an option but not considering it, too expensive and Google Drive is a much lower cost proposition. It shouldn’t be a big effort to add other backup storage options for Roon users in the Settings menu.
Perhaps something to share with the Roon Tech guys?