Other Apps switch to iMac speakers when Roon is Using external Mac in Exclusive Mode

2021 M1 iMac, OS: Sonoma

Hi, I have my Schiit Modi set as Core Audio and in Exclusive Mode.

However, if I have another app playing sound (Safari, Apple Music, e.g.) through the Schiit DAC, when I play a song in Roon, the audio from the other app switches to my iMac speakers.

Is there a way to fix this?


Exclusive mode is just that so if you’re playing music via Roon it has exclusive use of the sound output to maximise quality. You can’t have system sounds or other apps using it at same time that’s the point of exclusive mode. If you want sounds from computer and other apps and have music at same time then turn off exclusive mode. If you’re not playing music then exclusive mode is released and anything can then output sound via the dac. Roon releases exclusivity as soon as the signal path stops showing.

Thank you. I haven’t used Roon in a while and I guess I mistakenly misremembered other apps’ sound turning off when Roon was activated.

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