[Other] - Core recognizes Roon ARC with Ready, Android Phone does not connect to Core

Core recognizes Roon ARC with Ready, Android Phone does not connect to Core

Nest Router, Google Fiber, Roon on NUC

Have you read the faq? Some more details would be useful. Have you updated to the latest remote app and have you installed Roon ARC, they are two different apps ARC is only for remote access.

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Yes, I did all that, Roon Core says communication good. Phone Roon ARC just searches for core than quits. Have updated all apps to latest, Yes am using Roon ARC.

Hi @Wes_Miller1 ,

It’s strange that you’re seeing Ready but not able to connect. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in ARC itself?

Google Fiber → Nest Router → Switch → Roon Rock on NUC

Everything else is workinig just fine

Hi @Wes_Miller1. Wes here :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to give you a hand with this.

I decided to look at your diagnostic info and ran into some trouble. Interestingly enough, it seems to be that we can receive the automated information from you telling us that you are online but none of my requests to get additional info via diagnostics have been acknowledged. This leads me to believe that a firewall or some other security measure is blocking both me and the Roon ARC application from requesting information from your core.

Can you give us the model of your Google Fiber modem? Is there any type of managed switch in between the various devices on your network?

The other Wes

Ok, I think I figured it out, I port forwarded to my wireless Rock connection instead of wired connection. Switched it up and now is working as expected. Thanks for taking a look at it. Really enjoy the experience brings to my music.